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Well at first i was a little disappointed with these because they claim they claim they hold an extra 6 with 9mm. I was only able to get an extra 3 in and it was tighter than a well diggers rear end. Got a hold of Mark and he was more than willing to help and very prompt as well. He told me I needed to do some magazine tuning. My first thought was 🙀, because I have never attempted or knew what magazine tuning was. So I did what any logical person would do and turned to YouTube. Found that you needed to round the back of the follower due to being a sharp edge would catch on the transition from your mag to the basepad. Did that and still no luck. Got a hold of Mark again and asked him if I needed to round some of the basepad too. Well here is a short write up.

If you look on the right side of the pic is the back of the mag. You can see the basepad plain as day how it cuts the corner.

So I grabbed my cheapo battery powered dremmel and started working on the corners. Turned into this!

Finally I rounded the back of the follower a little more because it was easier using the dremmel instead of a file!

Reinstalled everything and I was able to get 5 extra in the magazine and I call that a win!

Custom magwell is in construction!!!
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