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Now that my USPc slide is hard chromed - I need not worry about holsterwear (yes, I am a weenie who likes to not scratch up his guns). My P99 compact is my typical carry gun, but I like the fullsize grip of the USPc, and I've been practicing with it quite a bit (2700 rounds in a year).

Anyway, I bought a Galco Matrix belt holster for it last year, but have never used it yet with that gun. Since it doesn't cover the entire gun, like a leather belt holster would, you basically need to wear 2 shirts - 1 tucked in, and the second over it to conceal the gun.

With the cooler weather we have been having, I figured I'd try it today. Worked great! :?

As per my other recent post - I may not be a fullsize 45 ACP USP fan, but I love my 9mm USPc! :?
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