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Changed back strap from thick to thin one.

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I wear large gloves, so I thought the thick factory installed back strap
would be the one to use. This is my first pistol and I shot 400 rounds that way. Good accuracy and it felt comfortable. I looked at a hand size chart and found the width of my hand was large. But, the length was 7.5 inches from wist to end of center finger (small). I guess it's not as big as I thought it was, my hand of course :-( .

I changed to small course texture back strap and my shooting is much better. At 25 ft was getting 6 inch groups and now have 3-4 inch groups. The grip is more comfortable (more round) with the thicker back strap. With the thin one the grip is more square.

After a couple of days of dry firing and gripping the pistol...... I am really happy with the grip.

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I like the curved on my FNP's even though I wear a medium sized surgical glove. Just feels better in hand and unlike you, doesn't really affect my shooting (although I haven't shot with the flat ones for a while, so maybe it does and I just don't know it).
I like the round strap on my fnp40 the flat strap leaves a void in between my palm heal and the back strap and I've got medium size hands.
I use the arched back strap on all my FNs, including the FNP-45 now as well.

The arched strap puts the FNP and FNX pistol ergos very close to my all time benchmark for how a pistol should feel... The CZ-75.
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