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Changed my mind again

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I think I flip flopped my next 2 gun purchases - an XD 45 and a Storm CX4.

I think I'm gonna get the Storm CX4 first. It's the only other rifle that interests me - despite bing a 9mm. It would save me a lot of costs on ammo to have a 9mm carbine, and I already have 9mm stashed, as I have several 9mm pistols.

I think I'm gonna put an Eotech on it as well...

It never ends.... <sigh>
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I am with you Ship on the cleaning of the AR system. I got my first one(M4gery) this year. It is great fun to shoot, like the PS90, but when I was cleaning the AR, I was thinking man this is Such a complicated design. So many parts and nooks and crannies.
Makes it a pleasure to clean a PS90 or a FAL.

What about a Hi Power with an attachable shoulder stock? Some are non NFA and you get the best of both worlds.
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