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Changed my mind again

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I think I flip flopped my next 2 gun purchases - an XD 45 and a Storm CX4.

I think I'm gonna get the Storm CX4 first. It's the only other rifle that interests me - despite bing a 9mm. It would save me a lot of costs on ammo to have a 9mm carbine, and I already have 9mm stashed, as I have several 9mm pistols.

I think I'm gonna put an Eotech on it as well...

It never ends.... <sigh>
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I think you shoud just come to the DARK side and get an M4 :?
I think you shoud just come to the DARK side and get an M4 :?
No - I've looked at them many times (many, many times) . And, truthfully - while the Ar guys always say that it is no big deal. I don't feel like cleaning the gun with that gas system after a long day at the range. And, there are too many damn parts to deal with.

I like the feel of the Storm. And, I'm ordering my sling for it today. So - all I need is the gun now :lol:

Oh come on .......its not any wors that taking the trigger pack out of your ps 90...

These are just so cool ....and now you can get the gas piston conversion kits...

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I was just ribin you ship I got mu first ar 12 years ago and have a fan ever since ......I thougt the ps-90 was a great gun... but it just did not do it for me if the market get huge and i can get a alloy or steel hammer and a adjustable trigger.... then i will buy another its really a urban tac PDW and where i live my m4 or ak will do ....but I was looking at the storms they are nice but I bought a krink lol the flames that come out when you take off the FS are some thing else :shock:
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