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I have the FNX40 and my thumb knuckle gets pounded pretty good after a couple hundred rounds. I am wondering if it is possible to shave/taper/sand off or otherwise reshape the back of the grip so that it tapers up a bit more where my thumb knuckle contacts the grip? I try to get up as high as possible on it but the point of that bone sits right in behind the safety lever. Quite honestly I have considered shaving some material off the rear left side to make room for my knuckle. That might also entail removing some material from the safety lever at about the 4 or 5 o-clock position as well. Would not bea lot of material. Basically just a divot big enough to spread the contact area and keep it from being concentrated right on the point of that bone.

Its polymer so obviously it CAN be done. But is it safe to do it and does that leave me without a warranty? How does one go about reshaping a polymer grip?

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