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Cheap 50 rounders...

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I am sure these have probably been discussed somewhere on this forum, but after going through several pages of the forum, and then several attempts to search for a thread, I couldn't find any references to these. I have 1 factory 50 round mag that came with my rifle, and I picked up 4 30 rounders on clearance from 44mag.com, all of which came in the original blue/white FN packaging. I've been looking for a good deal on 50's, as I would like to have a few more of them, but I've had very limited luck finding decent prices on them. I stumbled on these magazines listed on CDNN a while back, and quite frankly I am tempted to order a couple to try out simply because of how ridiculously cheap they are. That said, I would love to get some feedback from you guys if anyone else as already experimented with them.

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Why not convert the 30's to 50's? I purchased several 30 rd mags at a very good price. Got the home and using a Dremel Tool cut the base away from the spacer. (I think I found that hint somewhere on this forum).

lots of really good hints and tips on this forum (and a couple really weird ones).
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