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Cheap or free modifications you have done to your FNX

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So what do you usually do to your guns that are cheep (less than $20) or free.

Polish the feed ramp?
Grip tape?
Number your Mags?
Stipple the grip?
Undercut the beaver tail for better grip?
Undercut the base of the trigger guard for a higher grip?

Nothing, just shoot the hell out of it!!!???

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I stipple the ENTIRE frame so as to not be able to lift any prints off of it. I cover the slide in fuzzy tape; same reason. Then I filed the SN off.

JK :)

All I have done so far is load and unload it. When I unload it, it gets really dirty so I clean it. I was thinking about trying out some of them Hogue grip covers. I heard they are very confortible and grippy.
I just shoot it. No mods to date. My FNP-9 I shaved down the polymer around the mag release button so it was easier to hit.
I put Talon grips on all of my polymer frame pistols.
I don't think you should modify things that are bought in great working order. Like my Dad used to say, "leave well enough alone." I did however buy extra factory mags that I numbered to keep track of them. And I do rotate the magazines every month which I know may start another big debate on that topic.
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Talon Grips...cheap..reversible modification...big improvement on grip for me
I took the extremely bold step of numbering my mags with a silver sharpie..
Otherwise I am completely satisfied with my FNX-45 and for me I see no need for mods. I even like the aggressive grip that some complain about. Pansies:th_shrug:
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I even like the aggressive grip that some complain about. Pansies:th_shrug:
Masochist... :wink:
+1 on the Masochist... HaHaHa

I love my Talon grips on my 45
I took the extremely bold step of numbering my mags with a silver sharpie...
Hah! Funny! I did the exact same thing a few months ago along with my stack of SCAR mags. Ordered another OWB holster and mag pouch too. I guess it's like women with their purses.
Well mine is an FNP Comp thus may not be eligible for the club ;)

-replaced comp sights with Trijicons
-replaced safety levers with JathTech levers
-DPM recoil system
-Talon grips

I'm an old 1911 guy and it took a while for me to warm up to this handgun, quite a while actually. Now its my favourite shooter. Old dogs can learn new tricks...
What a huge difference the Talon grips have made. Solid!! Zero slippage.
Hougue slip on grip I got one on ebay for 8 bucks, free shipping. I always used the Hougue on all my pistols
Only handgun i own other than my lcp that hasnt needed any mods.

I added a trijicon rmr to it but i dont consider it a mod Since the tactical is cut for one.

Its my owb carry gun. Replaced my m9 with it after i found the bladetech holster

Dont muck with the feed ramp less its having feed issues caused by a faulty ramp and in that case you should send it in. I think worse thing to do to a handgun is muck with the feed ramp just to monkey finger it.
Pulled RH safety lever off and put it in through the other side I am left handed and didn't like the jiggle. Put RH safety side back on opposite side and works great as is. No more annoying play on it.
I smoothed up the double action trigger pull a huge amount by dry firing it 2500+ times, counted, in groups or 100 cycles while on a roadtrip.

Also smoothed out the single action pull in the same way!

Talk about cheap!
My FNX has the sticky mag issue. I was able to file the release mechanism to a point where the mags will drop free. Also numbered my mags, because FNX mags seem more finicky than most other platforms. I have had mags that are particularly troublesome and others that are just free of issues.
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