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I stumbled across this site either researching when there will be a civilian version of the SCAR or researching the FS2000. Ive been shooting and collecting firearms most of my life though the last 10 years or so my purchases were scaled back in favor of my other love..guitars an equally expensive and obsessive vice. I dont actually own any FN guns yet but Im working on it. I tend to gravitate towards the military stuff and 1911's. Of the guns I own my personal favorites are in no particular order:

1. Remington 700 BDL Synthetic Hvy Varmint
2. Century Sporter -L1A1
3. Cetme
4. Colt Sporter Target H-Bar (pre-ban)

1. Colt Gold Cup (modded)
2. S&W 745
3. Para Ordnance P12
4. S&W 32H&R mag.-cant recall the model

I havent spent any time on other firearm forums. I joined here obviously and AR15.com recently. Seeing the 6600 thread leads me to believe I can fit in here pretty well though.

Most of my web time is spent running my own forums, gearpedia.net,woodworkingforum.net. Additionally I admin powerscaling.com. My coolest gig though is being the mod over at Triumphmusic.com for the classic rock band Triumph. You remember them right? Fight the good fight, Lay it on the line,Spellbound and Magic Power etc.

Anyhow I just need to find out if the FS2000 is available here in CT and if you folks will have me Ill lurk about abit.

Very nice site BTW

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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