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Choosing the right Hogue Handall for FNX-45 FDE

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I have an FNX-45 FDE on its way to me :shock:

In the meantime I'm shopping around for accessories. One such is a Hogue Handall grip as I have huge hands and use them in all my handguns.

Hogue has 2 models which seem might fit better looks-wise with the FDE:
Hogue Handall Model 17001 OD Green
Hogue Handall Model 17003 FDE

I've read in some old threads here in fnforum that the Hogue's FDE is not really the same color as the FNX's FDE. In some other thread another user recommends the OD Green.

Does anybody have any experience with these two grips and the FNX-45 in FDE?

Any recommendations, pics, etc. to help me choose?

EDIT: duh, posted in the FNP forum instead of FNX. My question applies to both but mod feel free to move to the right forum.
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