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So did all you guys splurge and get the 5.7x28 cleaning kit, or are you using something else? If you're using something else, what is it? I'm trying to convince myself I don't need to spend $80 on a cleaning kit for ONE firearm.

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If you are talking about the 5.6x28mm Otis cleaning kit, I have one.
Its a great cleaning kit, comes with
1 ) a "bore snake" style cleaning rod/cord
2 ) some unique patches
3 ) P90/PS90 cleaning instructions
4 ) "General" firearms step by step cleaning poster(pistols, shotguns, rifles)
5 ) "Otis" cleaning solutions/oil
6 ) Brass Brushes and tools
7 ) Neat little carry case with FN logo
8 ) GREAT Video CD of how to clean just about every type of firearm out there. You select with gun you want to see and the video walks you through dissasembly, cleaning, and reassembly. If you want to know how to take down and clean a certain gun, its probably on this CD.

So to answer your question, is it worth it?
Only for the video CD, if you just want to clean you PS90 then no.
Its cheaper and easier to buy a bore snake and a cheaper cleaning kit.

I only bought the Otis kit because I wanted to have an "offical" FN cleaning kit. But I've never used it other than looking at the CD and poster.

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Then I can tell you why to spend $80 on a cleaning kit for your gun.

First figure out the cost of your gun.
Second find out the cost of replacing a barrel.

Now that $10 rod you have is probably the multiple type that screws together. Everytime you push it through your barrel every spot that screws together is scratching your barrel. Second that rod is probably plain metal. Everytime it touches your barrel it scratches. Third every particle of dirt the rod touches it picks up then drags down your barrel scratching it.

Once you build up enough scratches your going to have to replace it.

Now does the cost of a near barrel for all your guns outweigh the cost of an $80 rod and jag set?

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I picked up the Otis M16 buttstock cleaning kit for $25 and use that. The cleaning kit space under the PS90 trigger pack I use for a spare set of AA batteries for my Aimpoint.
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