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So rather than buy an overpriced "official" cleaning kit, I made my own.

* Standard Otis cable (that I use for all of my firearms)
* Standard 22 Otis patch puller and bore brush (that I use for the ARs)
* .40 cal pistol bore brush (for the chamber - i might be wrong on the size, it could be .38/9mm)
* fixed cleaning rod (that I use for my AR-15 chamber brush)
* Break Free CLP (meets/exceeds MIL-PRF-63460 IAW FN Herstal manual)
* 2.5" patches from local stores

The only thing that I do not know how to do is detail strip the breech block to give it a thorough cleaning. It's easy to get sand and grit onto the guiderods and into the frame. I haven't taken apart the frame to degrease and clean it because I'd be tempted to dye it black.
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