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Closeups of a cut open "AP" round

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i have some old black tip ammo and some subsonic and i was bored so i decided to cut open one of the black tip rounds

n i dunno if the E-police are gonna get me but i shot an intercepter vest at 35 yards with a fiveseven and the penetrator went through

so for once a company did tell the truth about their bullets AP stuff
congrats FN
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well fn does not allow the sales of ss190 ss191 ss193 to the general public, not because it is illegal, but to avoid any type of banning of their products due to misuse. Example lets say the ss190 round was able to be purchased in any store, and some criminal used it in a fiveseven pistol injuring or killing private citizens or public servants. The press would make FN out to be some type evil corp., and would cause all kinds of problems. The smart choice is to restrict the sales of it, because it is in their best interest.
Called appeasement to the BCTPGV so that FnHs profits do not suffer.

In my book, its called BS. Anyone can gets their hands on all four of the types of ammnunition that FnH restricts.

I emailed FnH and told them that their restrictions were doing nothing, especially in light of BTown (now gone fromt that other forum), a retired LEO, who purchased a case of SS198 and offered most of it for sale on Gunbroker at 'lets make the retired LEO a rich man prices'. I wonder how his fellow LEO's feel about this?

FnH refused to reply - so you see, its all politics.

Meanwhile, FnH consideres my life less worthy of a LEO's life by not allowing me the same access to ammunition that they have.

That puts FnH in the catagory of 'evil corp' in my book.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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