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COLT’s Tactical Pistol

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Man this thing is ugly imo

This is one of the most interesting things to see while at AUSA. If there is another try at replacing the Beretta M9 used by the military since 1985, expect a version of this pistol to be Colt’s entry.

The “X” in the serial number indicates that this is just a prototype. It is slimmer than the M9 but carries many features that appear to share some history with the M1911. It features slant slide serrations at the front and rear, a slide-lock lever AND takedown lever, and a detent housing that secures and applies pressure to the rear of the slide-lock lever. All these features are slightly similar to those of the M1911, but have been improved and modernized for today’s combat professional.

As you can see, however, there is no thumb or grip safety, which lends the impression that the safeties are on the inside of the pistol. The trigger felt a bit heavy- in the 6-9 pound range- and the modified slide-lock lever makes this pistol adaptable for left-handed shooters.

The magazine release is still only for right-handers though. The rail system is integrated and is fitted with LaserMax’s new green laser. The trigger guard is larger than the M1911’s and is would provide ample space to shoot while wearing gloves. The grip hides it, but we think the mainspring housing comes from the M1911 and includes a lanyard loop. So there you have it: A no-frills combat handgun that might get considered for military use due to the fact that it’s simple and it shares some of the same functionalities that gave the M1911 its 23-year run of service. For more information on this and other Colt products, visit www.colt.com

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It ain't the sexiest piece I've seen, but I'd take a functional ugly duckling over a useless pretty piece anyday.
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