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command arms acces rail

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I recently purchased a commandarms.com accessory rail for my ps. They fit in the square indentions in front of the magazine. They are made in israel out of aluminium for the ps. They position the accessory, such as m6 laser light, within easy access of your thumb to activate just like on a handgun. So no wires. It has to have 1 hole drilled through the indentions, so the 2 square plugs can be joined with a screw, but after seeing all the redesigns that members have done, I don't think that this is a drastic mod. :-D I have pics, but i'm having trouble posting them.
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I had a TLR-1 Mounted on one of the rails on the port side of my PS90. Seems like a good iead and I could slide my left thumb up and onto the stock switch with ease.

THEN I went and trained with it and found when slung and moving about the switch came into contact with my body vest and was flicking the swicth intermitantly and then sometimes it would flip to the constant one position.

I gotta move my light to the starboard side...like I have on my other rifles...now I gotta get the extends tape switch and such...my experiene.

You might find lights lasers mounted on the side that comes into contact with your body (assumming you are right handed) can have such issues....I had thought it high enuf, but I was wrong.


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