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command arms acces rail

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I recently purchased a commandarms.com accessory rail for my ps. They fit in the square indentions in front of the magazine. They are made in israel out of aluminium for the ps. They position the accessory, such as m6 laser light, within easy access of your thumb to activate just like on a handgun. So no wires. It has to have 1 hole drilled through the indentions, so the 2 square plugs can be joined with a screw, but after seeing all the redesigns that members have done, I don't think that this is a drastic mod. :-D I have pics, but i'm having trouble posting them.
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No smith. just put the plug without the threads in place, and marked it.
Then drilled. Clean hole, no prob. It would be better under the barrel though. The supplied screw was a little short, so I used a sub. very tight. I saw a pic somewhere of a rail that clamped on the flat spot on the barrel, where the barrel meets the reciever in an L shape. I thought it was on this site, but I never could find it again. anyway this is nice, easy, and lower than up by the top rail. Must have messed up on the pics, they look like thumb nails.
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sorry now it is too big
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Thanks Shipwreck, I tried again, but that 1 was huge. Yea, I wasn'treal excited about drilling either. The site didn't say anything about drilling, but in for penny, in for a pound. It's a small holle :D
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