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Confidence Shaken in the Five Seven, Help Restore It...

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I have had my 5 7 for just over a month now. After today's range session, I have fired 750 rounds through it (a mix of AE, 195, 198). The gun has performed absolutely flawlessly. It is also one of the most accurate handguns I have had the pleasure of shooting.

The 5 7 has also been my daily carry gun since I first tested it out. The incredible capacity, and much of what I read about the 5.7 round made me feel it was a great choice for personal defense. Prior to carrying the 5 7, I either carried one of my many 2.5" or 3" 7 or 8 shot .357 S&W revolvers, a 1911, or a Glock 17/19.

In my last four outings with the 5 7, I brought it alone to the range so i could really focus on it. Today I brought one of my 2.5" 357 S&W L Frames, and a 1911 45acp. I first shot 100 rounds through my .357, then 100 rounds through my 1911, then the 5 7.

When I fired the first shot out of my 5 7, having just fired a bunch of 357 and 45acp, I could not believe how mild and soft shooting the 5.7 ammo was. I felt like I was shooting a 22lr for sure. It felt so weak and anemic compared to the 357 and 45, it really freaked me out. I started wondering what the heck I was doing carrying this gun. How could this gun, which felt like a 22 plinker, possibly offer any kind of terminal performance compared to the other rounds I normally carry?

I continued firing the 5 7. I shot 100 rounds of SS195. As I was shooting quarter and half dollar size groups with ease, I just kept shaking my head and wondering how this recoilless round could possibly offer any more terminal performance than a 22. I am really starting to second guess my decision to carry this gun. I love this gun. It is crazy accurate, super light, offers incredible mag capacity, is a breeze to clean because it never even gets dirty. But is this gun really nothing more than a slightly pumped up 22?

With 357 and 45acp I know exactly what I am carrying and know exactly what these rounds are capable of in terms of terminal performance. The 5.7 not so much. There is just not enough info out there and actual real world shootings. When I watch the videos of people shooting gel, pork shoulders, armor, and so on it never seems all that impressive. When people shoot these mediums with 357s and 45s, it is impressive. Things pop up, parts go flying. With the 5.7 it looks like a 22 is hitting the medium.

I love this gun, and I want to believe that the 5.7 is a round to be reckoned with and offers terminal performance that rivals a 357 and 45acp. What am I missing here?
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U are mistaken despite what Wiki says!

The standard issue sidearm for the US Secret Service is the SIG P-229 in .357SIG.

The only 5.7x28mm firearm they use is the FN P-90, which is used by the uniformed division. Protection details still use 9x19mm H&K MP-5s.

Actually the 5.7 in a pistol is pretty much useless!

Useless?? This statement makes everything you say a joke. Tell the fort hood victims how useless it was. These kind of ignorant comments seem to be a staple with you. I guess you just like attention.
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