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-- considering another 22lr can, thoughts--

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So I like to be able to run same caliber with both pistol and rifle at range-- I have a sparrow and I bought it so I could run 5.7x28 and 22lr. I like that I can disasemble it and clean it- which was a must have as well as being able to handle pressure of 5.7 round. I want another can that can do these tasks -- but not sure which to get. I would like to get upper end suppression results if possible without spending over 400.$

I plan to to sbr my hk 22 mp5 (plinking), I have a ruger 10/22 ruger takedown (accuracy, and fun) and sparrow 22 which I plan to use it on.
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After seeing Jeremy's test results I would reccomend the Axiom or another sparrow. You get the customer service for sure with the sparrow and I have no experience with the axiom except it is quieter according to the silincer shop.
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