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Convince me to buy a FNP-9

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Hey all, been looking at the FNP-9 for a while for both range and CCW, and I am wondering how well does it carry, shoot, and how overall reliable is it? I do remember reading about their receivers breaking from dry-firing, is that still an issue or has that been resolved? Also, how wide is the slide, ie how easy is it to CCW? The few sources I've seen list the slide at a portly 1.55" wide, a good 4/10th of an inch wider then the already large Glock (listed at 1.15"). Is this a measure of the bottom of the frame or some other non-vital area or is that the actual width of the slide on this fellar?

As always, I appreciate all your opinions and insights.
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*points to how this is an FN forum and how the OP is interested on opinions of the FNP-9*
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