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Contact Form - Contact - United States Senator John Cornyn, Texas

.: United States Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina :: Contact :.

From Dudley:

Dear Monsterdog,

A little over a week ago, President Barack Obama proposed even more Executive Actions on gun control.

Now, Senators John Cornyn (R-TX) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are showing signs they have the President’s back

That's because they're pushing a brand new anti-gun bill.

It's the "Graham-Cornyn Seek Help, Lose Your Guns Act."

Insiders warn their new bill could be aimed at expanding the National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) system to include hundreds of thousands -- or millions -- of law-abiding citizens under the ruse of "mental health."

Make no mistake . . .

. . . The President’s agenda has nothing to do with mental health, or keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals.

It has everything to do with labeling YOU mentally ill in order to strip you of your right to keep and bear arms without due process.

The goal is simple: seek treatment and lose your gun rights.

So why do Senators Cornyn and Graham have Obama's Back?

It's simple. Let me explain . . .

Senators Cornyn and Graham are feeling the heat from the radical anti-gun left.

Instead of standing firm for your Second Amendment rights, they’re desperate to appear "sensible" and "open to compromise" even if it means putting you and I at risk.

But they’re really playing right into the President’s hands.

Last year, the duo sponsored S.480 -- the so-called "NICS Reporting Improvement Act."

Under that Graham-Cornyn bill, virtually any "board, commission, or other adjudicative body" would have the ability to strip you of your gun rights.

One of these so-called "authorities" could order an otherwise law-abiding individual to see a mental health counselor and strip them their gun rights for good.

Let me put it another way:

If your condition is "severe" enough that an hour of outpatient treatment a week is all you need -- you could become a "prohibited person" at the whim of some anti-gun bureaucrat.

That's not due process!

The Graham-Cornyn bill will further erode your Second Amendment rights and strip the due process rights of law-abiding Americans.

This isn't about being violent or unstable; this is about losing your rights because of something as simple as a stress-induced visit to a therapist.
According to the National Institute of Health, nearly half of all Americans will suffer from a "mental health" issue at some point in their life.

And the simple fact is the gun-grabbers know this.

The Obama Administration has been pushing for these gun control expansions in the name of "mental health" for some time.

It's clear they will do anything to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding Americans.

Even if it means harming the rights of thousands -- or millions -- of law-abiding, vulnerable and non-violent individuals.

Over 175,000 veterans have
already lost their gun rights, simply by seeking treatment.

But that's not the worst part.

They aren't even required to give you a trial.

That's because "adjudication" no longer means "by a court of law."

It now includes "other lawful authorities," which could include ANY mental health professional in connection with a government program.

Are Senators Cornyn and Graham trying to strip away the gun rights of millions of Americans?

I hope not.

But that's exactly what insiders are warning that Senators Cornyn
and Graham could be doing with their latest proposal.

That's why I need you to contact Senators Cornyn and Graham IMMEDIATELY.

Tell them not to endanger the gun rights of millions of Americans.

Insist they stop pushing the "Graham-Cornyn Seek Help, Lose Your Guns Act."

*** You can reach Senator Cornyn at (202) 224-2934.
*** And Senator Graham at (202) 224-5972.
Please let the Senators know how important this issue is and that you will be counting on them to stand up for gun owners.

There's no time to waste. Please act now.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown

Executive Vice President

P.S. Senators Cornyn and Graham are playing into the hands of Barack Obama by pushing a brand new anti-gun "mental health" bill.

If the Graham-Cornyn Act passes, millions of law-abiding citizens could be at risk of losing their gun rights.

Contact Senators Cornyn and Graham and urge them to stop pushing this key piece of Barack Obama's anti-gun agenda.


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I will personally make sure every gun owner in Texas I know does not vote for this two faced Senator John Cornyn. I am truly disappointed in him.

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Corny's ads on the radio state that he is a "staunch" 2A supporter. Never really liked that guy. Wish there was another Cruz to oppose him come re-election.

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TEXANS! Tell your friend and family to vote in a real 2A champion and man that has made several moves that I agree with and support. Congressman Steve Stockman for Senate!

Welcome | Steve Stockman for Senate
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