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I recently received an accessory rail to check out and review. It's an aluminum side mounted accessory rail manufactured by Critical Dimensions (I will shorten to CD for the rest of this post).

The CD side rail comes with the mounting hardware, and it will work on either a standard version PS90 or P90. It attaches to pre-made holes already drilled into the PS90 receiver.

There are various rails available from different vendors that will work on the PS90. And, when the PS90 was first released, many of them were simply polymer airsoft rails. Later, we were lucky enough to have anodized aluminum rails made available to us PS90 owners.

Anyway, the prices are across the spectrum for rails. And, at $40 per set, or $22 per each individual rail - this is a very good price point. A similar set of 2 of the same size rails costs over $75 from another leading supplier of PS90 parts. Had these been available when I outfitted my PS90, I think I would have definetly ordered a pair.

CD made the rails tall enough that when they are mounted on the sides of the PS90, they stick out far enough to not interfere with any optics you might have mounted on top of your rifle. Some sights, such as an Eotech, are fairly wide - and a rail with less clearance space could possibly be a problem.

I really think this is an excellent buy. And, anyone looking for accessory rails to mount on your PS90 should take a look at these.

Now, CD hasn't made mention of this - but on my existing set-up, it was suggested by many that I use non-permanent Lock-Tite when installing my rails. I did that on my PS90, and it might be a good idea to get this at an auto-parts store or hardware store before doing the install. That way nothing vibrates loose over time.

For those interested - Critical Dimensions is a site sponsor, and he has these rails available for purchase here:


(I'm not an expert photographer, but hopefully everyone could see the rail well enough)
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