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I recently had the opportunity to try out a set of Critical Dimensions laser etched Extended Height PS90 Rails - They work very well and look very nice.

As most PS90 owners know - the PS90 allows for the attachment of side rails. With those rails, one can mount flashlights, lasers, or whatever you would like. Except for the tri-rail model, however, the standard PS90 models do not come with these rails. But, the receivers are tapped with holes already - and it takes approximately 1 minute to install your own set of rails. So, it is a very easy upgrade, and it also improves the appearance of the PS90.

Critical Dimension's newest side rail variation is built a little higher than his previous low profile rail. This allows people with an Eotech or other wide optic mounted on their carbine to still have usable access to these side rails.

Some owners recently discovered that the wider aftermarket optics can be a problem when one tries to mount items on the side accessory rails.

This particular rail product solves that problem. In addition, Critical Dimensions recently obtained a machine for laser etching - and he has put some etchings onto the grooves of the rail itself.

Finally - Critical Dimensions includes the bolts/screws that are needed to install the rails onto your receiver. So, the actual install is a snap!

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