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I received one Adjustable Optic Rail today from Critical Dimension's.

This thing is sweet. The rail has built in sights, and can be adjusted using the same pieces at the stock adjustment screws that the stock ring site uses.

The sights on the rail are more useful than the stock backup sights, IMHO.The rail also sits a bit lower than the aftermarket rail I currently have. And, the laser engraving and finishing on the rail is excellent.

I held the adjustable rail next to my PS90 with an EOtech on it right now - from the looks of it - I think that you could probably see under the EOtech and use the sights very easily.

I don't have time to do re-zero my EOtech right now - But I am very tempted to swop out the rail I have with this one. I'd have to zero the rail first, and then add the EOtech and zero that.

The rail also has a set of NiteSiters on them! I haven't gotten around to ordering a set yet - but I must say - I am impressed. They glow very well. Plus, when used in combination with this adjustable optic rail, they make a great pairing.

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