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Critical Dimension's PS90 Double Rail Mount

As I think many people did - when we first got our new PS90, we ran out and mounted side rails onto the receiver. And, then we put a laser on one side, and a flashlight on another. However, we SOON discovered that the item we mounted on the INSIDE siderail wasn't very comfortable when walking with the gun on a sling (at the range). Then, we took one of these items off....

Well, in the Spring of 2007, there were a few members here, myself included, who tried to find workaround solutions to this. We wanted to be able to mount two separate items onto one side of the PS90. We looked at many rail adapters made for ARs, and we tried to see if we could come up with some type of a solution. Pretty much, we all gave up, because there was none. Now there is!

In Mid 2007, I mentioned to Critical Dimensions the idea - an idea of being able to mount 2 side rails onto one side of a PS90 Receiver. There was a first incarnation of this idea - a plate that allowed two side rails to be mounted onto it, but I found that it sat rather low to the charging handle. This made it a bit difficult to charge the gun. He then redesign the the mounting plate - setting the rails up a bit higher. However, it had to sit far enough out from the receiver to allow the use of an Eotech on the optic rail.

Over time, he developed his current version. Critical Dimensions also sells various styles of side rails that can attach to this plate (any PS90 side rail from any manufacturer will also work), but as I already owned extended side rails from Magazine Parts, I wanted to be able to mount these onto the plate. Critical Dimensions was kind enough to include longer hex screws that would work for the setup I had in mind. And here are some pics of the final work in action:

As you can see - I successfully mounted my small flashlight, AND I was able to put my laser back onto the carbine. For contrast, I still have 1 extended Magazine Parts rail on the inside of the gun, but it simply has a rail cover on it.

This setup makes the weapon much more comfortable to walk with when it hangs from my 2 point sling. And, I got the full use of my accessories back. The mounting plate is also extremely sturdy, so one not fear of any issues of breakage.

At the time of this writing, Crit Dimensions is still making this mounting plate available to members of this site - I believe he has it for sale in the general "Fn Forsale" section of this site.

Overall, I think this is a really cool invention. And, I really appreciate Critical Dimensions making the item exactly as I requested.

The final product:

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