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-- curious, what is best range to sight in 300 black?--

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Heading to the range today, was planning to sight in my 300 blackout upper with Aimpoint t1 @ 50 yards- I normally sight in my 5.56 at 50, knowing at 100 it will be roughly 1 inch higher, and back at sight in at around 150 yards-- not to familiar with 300 black ballistics -- suggestions? The range I'm at is 100 yards max today -
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Actually I'd like to run ecerything thru it, was hoping to get an idea of range (I understand the different weight ratio to velocity) but just a good general distance, so I can also run suppressed to achieve a minimal difference in performance when running sub and supersonic rounds.
You're not going to get a one size fits all when it comes to zeroing for that platform. The best you can hope for is that you sight in the 110 at 100 yards and hopefully the subs correlate to your holdover on your scope. But the drop on the subs is substantial so I doubt it.

I know. Think I'm gonna stick w 50, know they will be on for 100 and be happy with that.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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