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-- curious, what is best range to sight in 300 black?--

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Heading to the range today, was planning to sight in my 300 blackout upper with Aimpoint t1 @ 50 yards- I normally sight in my 5.56 at 50, knowing at 100 it will be roughly 1 inch higher, and back at sight in at around 150 yards-- not to familiar with 300 black ballistics -- suggestions? The range I'm at is 100 yards max today -
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I sight my 10.5" 300 for 50yds, it's flat to 100yds. It gives me MPBZ out to ~175y with 150gr fmj and 110g tac-TC.
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What type of ammo, subsonic or higher velocity stuff?
Both are hand loads: 110gr tac-tc @ 2270 and 150 @ 1850. I don't push the envelope with velocities. I use 150s because they're cheap.

I can't have a can, so no use for subsonics.
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