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DANBURY, CONN. — Tables and chairs toppled by teenagers during a Black Friday brawl at the Danbury Fair Mall might have been mistaken for gunfire and sent panicked shoppers running, officials and witnesses said.

The pushing, shoving and falling furniture during the 7 p.m. fight at the food court might have been loud enough to sound like a gun, sparking false rumors of gunfire, which then spread to the rest of the mall and drew a heavy police response, officials said. Police said no gun or bullet casings were recovered.

While officials said Friday there may have been upwards of 20 people involved in the fight, police said Saturday a much smaller group of teenagers participated in the altercation, which did not seriously injure anyone.

Debbi Hvolbeck of Brewster, who was at the mall with her daughter and sat near where the fight started, said she saw a teenager being dragged with tables and chairs toppling onto him. The teens eventually broke off running in different directions. Hvolbeck said she heard no one yell “gun” — although police said someone did, initiating the pandemonium among fleeing shoppers in other parts of the mall.Some stores initiated a lockdown.

Shoppers reported hearing mall security tell retailers about a gunman on the prowl and the need to evacuate through back corridors. Others said they saw a police officer holding a rifle and running through the mall telling shoppers to leave immediately.

Read more: http://www.lohud.com/article/201311...ed-gun-scare-Danbury-Fair-Mall?nclick_check=1
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