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My first centerfire rifle was a AR-15 SP1 as you guys know it's almost like a Vietnam M16A1 style rifle without forward assist and I'm very used to it.

It's very easy to operate when you get used to it and mag changes are very easy compared to other rifle designs because the release button is within easy reach of the trigger finger while the support hand unloads and loads the mags.

I like to shoot my Steyr AUG A1 more than my ARs but mag changes are a little slower with the AUG.

My RRA is marked as 9mm but they use the same upper and lower receivers with their 5.56mm models, it's the tightest receiver fit compared to my two Colts and LMT ARs.

You don't have to have your rifle all decked out from the beginning, I usually keep adding or changing components until I'm happy with my setup, but it's never done.

When another better part becomes available I'll probably change it again. :D
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