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Decent price on 50 rd'ers....mags in hand...came in boxes...

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Thought I'd share with the community...

Botac Tactical (yeah I know...but I've never had a problem with them or my orders...) is having a ten [email protected] [email protected] = 10% off everything.

They have p90/ps90 50 round magazines for $49. With the 10% off, $45 each. A decent price I thought. Just ordered three.




For got to add!!!

When ordering type tendaysale in the promo box for the 10% off....

*****EDIT x2*******

Got the mags today. Pretty quick shipping from Cali to MI. All three in boxes...brand new....

I've ordered MANY MANY items from Botac and never had any issues....

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Hope u used the 10% discount!
I got the notification e-mail yesterday...so best case scenario is until March 6th...
Give them a call. Now, their operators are not the best.....but usually pretty helpful.

Again, I have heard bad reports about them, but I have yet to experience bad service...maybe I am one of the lucky ones!
1 - 4 of 33 Posts
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