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This past Tuesday was the opening day of SHOT Show and as usual it was a busy day. Our new store general manager Jeff is attending the show with me this year to get intense Sports Optics training. He has over 35 years experiance in the camera side of the business and now he's learning the Sports optics side as well.

My first meeting was over at Vortex.
This year they did not release a slew of new scopes and I think this was a wise move. Let them catch up on back orders of the scopes that they released last year before announcing a slew of new products.
The good news is that they did announce some price decreases, YES, decreases.
Vortex Razor HD 5-20x50 reduced to $1699.99
All the Diamnondback HP scopes have been reduced
Vortex Razor Red Dot's reduced to $399.99
Vortex VMX-3T reduced to $199.99
Vanquish 8x26 Binoculars reduced to $94.99 and the 10x26 Binocular reduced to $99.99

The few new products that were announced are very exciting.....

The most exciting announcement is the new Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24 - AR BDC (MOA) Reticle (Part# SE-1624-1)
We normally do not accept pre-orders, however, on this scope we will make an exception. This scope is on par with a Viper series riflescope as far as optical quality and it is priced at only $329.99. It is a best buy for 3 gun, Coyote or dangerous game. A true 1x power made for speed and versatility. This really is a scope to take a look at.
We have been assured that as soon as Vortex gets deliveries we are at the top of the ship list so we can fill the pre-orders.
Figure late March/early April.

Vortex Viper Red Dot (6 MOA Dot) (Part# VRD-6) @ only $229.99 is a great release as well. Made for handguns with cutout slides, awesome for co-witnessing with iron-sights and it offers 30,000 hours illumination on a battery at its brightest setting.

For AR's and Shotguns they have the new Vortex Venom Red Dot (3 MOA Dot) (Part# VMD-3103)
also @ $229.99. This Red-Dot will hold up to any recoil and features a topload CR-1632 button battery for easy exchange. The brightness control is on the left side.

The Vortex Crossfire binocular series got their third makeover in about 5 years. This time this very inexpensive binocular shows itself as a very nice, more than its catagoy suggests, optic. Available in 8x42, 10x42, 10x50 & 12x50 all priced below $200.00.
They expect delivery around late March.

As usual we poked and pushed for some great deals.
We are offering the Vortex Crossfire II 6-24x50 AO - V-Plex (MOA) (Part# CF2-31043) for only $199.99 and including a free neoprene scope cover as well.

We also will be receiving more of the Viper 6.5-20x44 BDC reticle riflescopes at reduced pricing.

It was time to run over to Swarovski which I always look forward to as I have some very good friends there. Today, as usual, is social as well as business.

I was very excited to see their new SRT-80 Illuminated Reticle Spotting Scope.. Thanks to its crystal-clear HD optics and 80mm objective diameter, the STR 80 spotting scope provides impressive detail recognition, as well as bright, lifelike images, even in poor lighting conditions. The STR 80 spotting scope’s illuminated reticle, which can be activated and deactivated, allows you to comfortably switch between accurately estimating distances and uninterrupted viewing. It is also perfect for documenting events while digiscoping. The powerful HD optics with fluoride-containing lenses and the reticle with MOA impact point correction make the perfect total package for accurate observation.
Available in your choice of MOA or MRAD with optional
It has been redesigned with Military use in mind for construction and durability. Double sealed for dust and weather protection.


 Offered with either Illuminated MOA or MRAD reticle
 Reticle will get larger or smaller with object in view as magnification is adjusted
 Excellent for estimating range
 Extremely useful to help shooter adjust shots in ¼ MOA or 0.10th MRAD increments at
long range
 Reticle can be completely removed from view so the STR 80 can be used as a regular
spotting scope
 There are 15 Brightness levels – 10 day levels, 5 night levels
 HD Optical system – resolution improvements allows for benefits such as bullet hole
identification in paper targets at long range (dependent upon range and atmospheric
 Fits SWAROVSKI OPTIK 20x60 or 25x50 wide angle eyepiece (sold separately)
 Powered by 1 CR123 battery
 Functional temperature -40°F to +158°F
 Accessories: 3 Picatinny rails and Winged eye cup (sold separately)
These are in stock and ready to ship.

The other item we discussed was their The Custom BT is available for Z6, Z5 or Z3 riflescopes with a Ballistic Turret (BT)
The Custom BT was designed for the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Ballistic Turret riflescope series. It
is a customized ring that can take the place of the 3 color coded distance rings that come with
every SWAROVSKI OPTIK BT riflescope. The custom BT is an elevation turret that shows
multiple down range distances in yards, rather than just the 3 color coded distance rings that
currently come with each BT riflescope. It is an intuitive, user friendly method of “dialing in”, or
setting the distance, with the elevation turret that any given shot requires.
The turret ring will be custom engraved by SWAROVSKI OPTIK to consumer ballistic
specifications, based upon a zero setting (i.e. 100, 200, 300 yards) chosen by the consumer.
Precise laser engraved settings will be in 50 yard increments. Maximum distances are
dependent upon the cartridge, zero setting and individual riflescope.
 The downrange yardage markings will be shown in more intuitive 50 and 100 yard
 Customized for individual factory rifle cartridges or hand loads.
 Atmospheric Conditions can be customized to the turret ring.
 Simply choose a zero distance, zero your rifle, and the turret will do the rest.
 This will allow for many more yardage settings that will not have to be memorized.
 The shooter will be able to simply range to the target, Ex: 550 yards, set his customized ring
to the 550 yard position, and shoot.

Having a few minutes I ran over to ScopeCoat
Having been in the optics industry for as long as I have it is the simple inexpensive accessory items that always catch my attention. The ScopeCoat neoprene covers IMO are no brainer protection for your riflescopes, spotting scopes and rangefinders.
They showed me the new cover for the Vortex Razor Spotting Scopes, which we ordered, to offer for only $29.99
We also ordered some for the Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot VMX-3T Magnifier (Part# VMX-3T) that you can also add to your order at only $12.99

Next up was Leica for a meeting with the boys in charge to see what was what.

They have released an exciting new line of Riflescopes that are designed and engineered in Germany & made in the USA. This new line of scopes was designed with the North American hunter in mind. They are everything you'd expect from Leica. Beautifully finished, sharp optically, really a precision instrument. Well done, and here's the unbelieveable part, they start at only $749.00. This may be the home run of SHOT Show this year.

 Highly usable 5:1 magnification ratio
 4” of extended eye-relief
 Precise and highly tactile ¼ moa turret adjustments
 Finger re-settable turret calibrations
 Balanced turret and main tube design for mounting flexibility
 Rugged one-piece main tube of Aerospace grade aluminum
 Waterproof and fog-proof go anywhere performance
 Low profile turrets perfect for saddle scabbards
 Generous windage and elevation adjustment ranges
Available in 6 models with a wide choice of reticles, a perfect match can be found for any hunting/shooting need.

New ER 5 Riflescopes Made in USA
#51080 ER 5 1-5 x 24, Plex @ $749.00
#51081 ER 5 1-5 x 24, 4A @ $749.00
#51082 ER 5 1-5 x 24, CirclePlex @ $779.00
#51083 ER 5 1-5 x 24, LE-TAC @ $779.00
#51040 ER 5 1.5-8 x 32, Plex @ $799.00
#51041 ER 5 1.5-8 x 32, 4A @ $799.00
#51042 ER 5 1.5-8 x 32, CirclePlex @ $829.00
#51043 ER 5 1.5-8 x 32, LE-TAC @ $829.00
#51050 ER 5 2-10 x 50, Plex @ $999.00
#51051 ER 5 2-10 x 50, 4A @ $999.00
#51052 ER 5 2-10 x 50, Std. Ballistic @ $1,029.00
#51053 ER 5 2-10 x 50, Mag. Ballistic @ $1,029.00
#51070 ER 5 3-15 x 56, Plex @ $1,299.00
#51071 ER 5 3-15 x 56, 4A @ $1,299.00
#51074 ER 5 3-15 x 56, Std. Ballistic @ $1,329.00
#51075 ER 5 3-15 x 56, Mag. Ballistic @ $1,329.00
#51060 ER 5 4-20 x 50, Plex @ $1,299.00
#51065 ER 5 4-20 x 50, Mag. Ballistic @ $1,329.00
#51090 ER 5 5-25 x 56, Plex @ $1,399.00
#51095 ER 5 5-25 x 56, Mag. Ballistic @ $1,429.00
They expect availability in the Spring

We worked a deal on the Leica Ultravid 10x42 HD - Green Binocular (Part#40088) which we are now able to offer at only $1799.99. If you want the best of the best in a 10x42 binocular than look no more. This is what you've been looking for.

There are two new Geovid Rangefinder Binoculars as well:
#40052 8x42 Geovid HD-R, type 402, featuring open hinge design @ $2,599.00
#40054 10x42 Geovid HD-R, type 403, featuring open hinge design @ $2,649.00
The New Geovid HD-R provides line of sight laser ranging from 10 to 2000+ yards and precise EHR calculations from 10 to 600 yards.
• For hunters that use a classical reticle in their riflescope, the Leica GEOVID HD-R 42 shows, in addition to the measured distance, the EHR calculation for approximating hold-over.
• For hunters using ballistic reticles the information provided allows for quick determination of the appropriate reticle mark.
• Hunters who use the calibrations on a custom turret or fast reticle-adjustment system can quickly dial to distance for on target performance.

Other Key Features:
- Quick handling, comfortable open ergonomic bridge design
- Actuation button on Right Hand Side
- Quiet, non-slip rubber armoring
- Bright, patented, advanced Perger Porro Prism system
- Lightweight, highly durable magnesium body
- Bright, easy to read display system with auto-brightness control

The new Leica Ultravid 10x42 HD-Plus binoculars have started to ship and are in stock.

Last year at SHOT we became a GDI Mount dealer, so my next meeting was with them.
If you are not familiar with GDI Mounts, please click on this link and read this article.
In short, I was able to get my hands on the most well crafted and precision made optic mounts in the industry at this year's SHOT Show in Las Vegas, lol. Hands down amazing quality that is steeped deeply in proven battlefield performance....not a surprise given the CEO/Founder's SEAL background. GDI mounts are truly second to none. Check out this link written about GDI by one of the industry leaders in Surefire's Combat Tactics magazine.

I finished my day visiting with Pentax Well these days Pentax/Ricoh.
They have finally revamped their entire binocular line. Discontinued everything and released all new. Everything is now fully multicoated for better colors and sharpness.
We shall see first reviews over the next few months and make an informed desision whether or not to bring these in.
As a SHOT Show special we are offering the now discontinued Pentax PCF WP 20x60 Binocular for only $149.99

Remembering from last years show how great it felt on my dried out throat I stopped on the way back to my room for an ice cream cone. I went with Vanilla Bean. Great decision.

Day Two:

Same as last year I started day 2 with Minox. After all the great releases last year I was excited to see what 2015 would be like. I was not disappointed. I had the pleasure of checking out their new:
*ZP TAC Riflescopes: Now Available
*ZE TAC Riflescopes: Available late Spring/Early Summer
*A redesigned BF Series Binocular in 8x42 and 10x42: Available in the Spring
*MD60Z & MD80Z Spotting scopes: Available March
*DTC 400 Slim Trail Camera: Available now

The ZP TAC Riflescopes are made in Germany.
* 5x magnification (1-8x24, 3-25x50 & 5-25x56)
* Finely dimmable illuminated reticle at the first focal plane
*11 illumination settings

ZE TAC Riflescopes are also made in Germany.
* 5x magnification (1-5x24, 3-15x56 & 5-25x56) for maximum flexability and precision
* Special high-tech optical glass provides excellent image quality
* M* multi-coating
*Solid, and extremely shock resistant aluminum housing
* Precise elevation and windage settings and parallex compensation in the SF models

BF 8x42 & 10x42 Binoculars.
*Neutral color rendition
*Non-slip, sturdy aluminum body
*Nitrogen filling
*Waterproof down to 10 feet
*Twist out eyecups

MDZ Spotting Scopes:
*Brilliant image
*Rich in contrast, neutral color rendition
*12-40x zoom (MD 60Z), 20-60x zoom (MD80Z)
*Sturdy and impact resistant metal housing
*Waterproof down to 5 meters
*Both models are also available with a reticle which is a very nice addition to their spotting scope line-up.

DTC 400 Slim Trail Camera.

This is the flattest trail camera I have ever seen.
* Invisible IR camera flash with a range of 49'
* 9 megapixel resolution
* Fast 1 second shutter release
* HD video resolution
* 2" TFT color display

Last SHOT we got very active with Meopta. We arranged an exclusive scope:
MeoPro 3.5-10x44 Z-Plex Reticle #541800 GDLE which we reduced in price from $649.99 to only $399.99 Yes, for those of you who know me and have figured it out GDLE stands for Gr8fulDoug Limited Edition.
Today they sweetened the opportunity to you as they will now include a Meopta Neoprene two piece cover with each scope at no additional charge.

Meopta MeoPro® HD Binocular Series
MeoPro HD 8x32 @ $649.99 $649.99
MeoPro HD 10x32 @ $699.99
MeoPro 8x42 @ $849.99
MeoPro 10x42 @ $899.99

MeoPro HD Binocular Series Key Features
– Built in the USA
– TO2TM (Twilight Optimized Optics) system delivers the highest light transmission when you need it most – in the low light of dawn and dusk.
– Proprietary ion assisted lens coatings. MeoBrightTM coating eliminates glare and reflections and delivers incredibly bright (98.7% transmission per lens surface) and sharp images across the field of view. MeoShieldTM coating protects external lens surfaces from abrasions and scratches.
– HD fluoride objective lens elements eliminate chromatic aberration (CA) or color fringing by bringing light wavelengths into a single common focus along the optical axis – delivering maximum resolution and vivid color fidelity in challenging lighting conditions
– Magnesium chassis is lightweight, rugged and completely nitrogen purged for fogproof, waterproof and shockproof performance. Sculpted rubber armor protects binocular body from abrasion and impacts and provides excellent tactile feel and grip.
– Covered by Meopta’s North American Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

Meopta Expands its 1-Inch MeoPro® Riflescope Line

MeoPro 3-9x40 and 3-9x40 R/M (Rimfire/Muzzleloader)
Featuring a low-profile 40mm objective, these 3-9x40’s are perfect for all-around hunting situations. The 3-9x40 R/M is specifically designed for rimfire rifles and muzzleloaders with parallax optimized at 50 yards for close-range accuracy.

Reticle options: #4, Z-Plex and BDC (all in the second focal plane)

Adjustment per click (in/100 yds): ¼
Square adjustment range (in/100 yds): 43
Eye Relief (inches): 4.00
Turret Options: MeoTrak RZ (Hunting)
Parallax free from 100 yards to infinity (50 yards to infinity for R/M model)
Weight: 15.2 oz.

MeoPro 4.5-14x44 and 4.5-14x44 T
This is the perfect riflescope for medium- to long-range hunting. Its convenient parallax turret adjusts from 30 yards to infinity for precision shooting in the field or on the range.
Reticle options: #4, Z-Plex, McWhorter and BDC (all in the second focal plane)
Adjustment per Click (in/100 yds): ¼
Square Adjustment Range (in/100 yds): 43
Eye Relief (inches): 3.5
Turret Options: MeoTrak RZ (Hunting) or
MeoTrak TRZ (Target)
Parallax Adjustment: 30 yards to infinity
Weight: 17.1 oz.

MeoPro 4.5-14x50 and 4.5-14x50 T
The 50mm objective lens gathers more light making this an excellent riflescope for long-range hunting in low-light conditions. This scope also features a convenient parallax adjustment that focuses from 30 yards to infinity.
Reticle options: #4, Z-Plex, McWhorter and BDC (all in the second focal plane)

Adjustment per Click (in/100 yds): ¼
Adjustment Range (in/100 yds): 68 elevation and 45 windage
Eye Relief (inches): 3.5
Turret Options: MeoTrak RZ (Hunting) or
MeoTrak TRZ (Target)
Parallax adjustment: 30 yards to infinity
Weight: 19.75 oz.

MeoPro Riflescope Key Features
– Built in the USA
– TO2TM (Twilight Optimized Optics) system delivers the highest light transmission when you need it most – in the low light of dawn and dusk.
– Proprietary ion assisted lens coatings. MeoBrightTM coating eliminates glare and reflections and delivers incredibly bright (98.7% transmission per lens surface) and sharp images across the field of view. MeoShieldTM coating protects external lens surfaces from abrasions and scratches.
– MeoTrak RZ Turrets:
Hunting Turret: Resettable zero, posi-click, finger-adjustable windage and elevation turrets ensure maximum adjustment range and instant re-zeroing. The turret dials can be quickly repositioned without changing the adjustment setting of the scope, allowing the shooter to accurately reset to the original zero of the rifle if further adjustments are required.
– MeoTrak TRZ Turrets:
Target Turrets: Oversized, resettable zero, posi-click, finger-adjustable windage and elevation target turrets ensure maximum adjustment range and reliable re-zeroing. The precise, numerically indexed, oversized turret dials can be quickly repositioned without changing the adjustment setting of the scope, allowing the shooter to accurately reset to the original zero of the rifle if further adjustments are required.
– MeoQuickTM fast-focus eyepiece rapidly brings targets into sharp focus and provides extra diopter travel to accommodate a wider range of visual acuity variations.
– A 1-inch, one-piece aircraft grade aluminum tube is ELOX hard anodized. All MeoPro riflescopes are nitrogen purged, fogproof and shockproof for life.
– Covered by Meopta’s North American Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

Off to Steiner To be honest the last few years have been a turbulent ride for us and Steiner. Many management changes at Steiner the last couple of years causing, for lack of a better description, growing pains for both them and our relationship with them. I arrived at their booth with an attitude of indifference and was pleasantly surprised with how our meeting went.
We discussed many things..
* New Riflescopes
* New binoculars
* Their place in our new store

After a nice chat we got on the same page. I was happy to see their new products and quite honestly I was very impressed. I do hope that their marketing dept. does a good job of getting the word out as they have a history of great products that nobody knows about.

Wildlife XP Binoculars

These are Steiners answer to a top of the line Swarovski or Leica. I did not have the ability to do a side by side and it is inside of a convention center so even if I did have the three next to each other it would have been a lousy place to compare them all. So for now I will just share detail with you.

- True colours, exact detail resolution, optimized contrast
o high-quality SCHOTT fluoride glass combined with highest manufacturing precision
 high colour fidelity
 exact detail resolution
 top-class light transmission
- XL-field of view
o Extra-large field of view for a better overview
 Wildlife XP 10x44: 112 m
 Wildlife XP 8x44: 133 m
- 3-D-Brilliance
o sculptural images
o absolutely natural colour reproduction
o excellent depth of field

- Precision Setting - dual dioptre adjustment
o individual setting of both eyes
o perfect vision on both eyes
- Fast-Close-Focus
o The Steiner Fast-Close-Focus allows for a fast and convenient focusing as close as 2 metres with just one turn of the focusing wheel
- Distance-Control-System: tested and proven
o guarantees a faster recognition thanks to the pre-setting of the distance

- ComfortGrip
o specially shaped, thumb rests
 extremely comfortable fit
 invaluable especially during long-term observations
 also one-handed use
- Soft silicon eyepieces: Cylindrical, for spectacle wearers
o The patented Steiner Twist-Up Eyecups easily adjust for optimal exit pupil distance to ensure a full XL-field of view– even for spectacle wearers
 Protection against incidental light from the side as well as from wind draughts.

- High-tech magnesium housing
o Light, corrosion-free and shock proof
- Nitrogen pressure filling via two-valve system
o Prevention from fogging up
o No formation of condensation inside the binocular
- Waterpressureproof up to 5 metres
- Temperature resistant
o From -40°C to +80°C
- STEINER Nano-Protection®
o proven thin, hydrophobic surface finishing for a reliably clear view
 rain or snow disappear immediately from the field of view lenses are very easy to clean
- NBR-Longlife Rubber Armouring
 Prevents the binocular from shock
 Resistant to effects of oil, acid or weathering
 Even in extremely wet conditions, heat or cold the surface stays grasp and slip-proof

STEINER Military 5-25x56mm Horus H59 Reticle
General Description
• Broad band Anti Reflection coated optic guarantee a maximum light transmission of greater than 90%.
• A rugged 34 mm compact 1-pc body tube main tube construction.
• Integrated rotary side focus and digital illumination system knobs mounted on the turret for comfort and ease of use with or without gloves on.
• Elevation knob designed to provide both visual and tactile indication of rotational position.
• Eye relief does not vary appreciable over power range. The image remains sharp and focused over the entire field of view.
• Front focal plane, so sub-tension remains unchanged over the magnification range for quick and easy target identification and accuracy.
• The illuminated, glass etched Horus H59 reticle is designed to provide a means to determine both bullet drop plus measurement capability regardless of day or night light conditions.
• Fast focus eyepiece.
• Fully waterproof to 10 meters.
• Aircraft grade machined aluminum knobs for positive grip and durability in all conditions.

STEINER MRS (Micro Reflex Sight)
The STEINER MRS (Micro Reflex Sight) provides shooters with a clear aiming point in all light conditions and for all battlefield scenerios – instantaneously.
Technical Specifications:
Product Color Black / Semi-Gloss (according to master sample) , Plastic cover in black with print in white color
Magnification 1,07x
Transmission Day >76% /Night >87%
Optical Axis Height 18 mm
Lens size 21x15 mm
Windage, Elevation 390 [email protected] 100 m
Zeroing Click Size 1 MOA per click; 30 clicks
Mount Compatibility MIL-STD 1913
Mount Attachment Screw
Coating Hard broadband AR coating
Weight including Mount Max.70 grams (Mount with screws 20g, single parts 20g)
Length, Width, Height incl mount 48 mm x 46 mm x 40 mm
Aiming Point central LED point,  = 3 MOA according to order
Colour of Point Red
Illumination, Brightness Control Automatic Brightness Control, and 3 steps manually
Operating Temperature - 25 to + 55 °C
Storage Temperature - 40 to + 70 °C
Battery / Life 550 hours
Battery Cover waterproof, screw cap for use with gloves secured with rubber
Parallax 40 m fix
Battery CR 1632
Submersion, Water 10 meters, 10 min

Lastly, I looked at a product that is so not our usual style product, however, way cool:
The STEINER ICS accurately calculates the point of aim based on the ammunition ballistics and the measured distance and angle to the target.
With the simple push of a button, both the laser range finder and bullet drop compensation software is activated. The point of aim is automatically displayed via an illuminated red dot.
Technical Specifications:
Magnification: 6x
Diameter of objective: 40 mm
Eye relief: 73-80 mm
Exit pupil: 6,7 mm
Field of view (at 100 m): 7 m @ 100 m (4°)
Distance Measurement: max. range 800 m
Ranging Time: 500 m 1 sec., 700 m 2 sec.
Parallax (Focus) adjust.: fix at 100 m
Click value at 100 m: ½ MOA (1,5 cm @ 100 m)
Max. elevation and windage adjustm.: ± 60 MOA
Mount compatibility: MIL-STD-1913
Base for CQB-Sight: Integrated base at 12 o‘clock position
Backup Iron Sight: modular, positioned on the right side
Optical axis heigh: 39 mm
Operating temperature: -25ºC / +65ºC
Storage temperature: -40ºC / +85ºC
Waterpressure proof: to 10 m
100% fog proof inside: yes (nitrogen filled)
Weight: < 790 g
Lenght / Width / Height: 199,7 mm / 73 mm / 76 mm
Illumination: 4 steps (dimmable)
Battery: CR 123 A, 1pcs.
Laser Output Power: Eye safe laser, Class 1 (905 nm)

I got my after show ice cream cone, Strawberry Cream, and walked outside into 60* bright sunshine without a cloud in the sky. What a magnificent day

Day 3:

My first meeting today was with Leupold which for me is very exciting. We have only been a Leupold dealer for a couple of years and our sales with them are through the roof. Could be because we strongly agree with their way of doing business. They have 650 employees right here in the USA and all their riflescopes are built right here in the USA. These are quality optics that you need never worry about, however, they still back these great products with a lifetime unconditional warranty. Pretty impressive in my opinion.

I saw some very exciting new products today.

The BX-3 Mojave Pro Guide HD Binocular:
Designed with professional guides in mind, the BX-3 Mojave Pro Guide™ HD adds high-definition performance to everything people love about the BX-3 Mojave. High-definition lenses provide an amazingly clear image. Specially coated extra-low dispersion lenses offer razor-sharp resolution and color to easily
pick out game in heavy brush. The open bridge design makes the BX-3 Mojave Pro Guide HD lightweight, ergonomic and easy to use while delivering the performance and durability professional guides demand. 100% waterproof and fog proof and backed by the Leupold Gold Ring Full Lifetime Guarantee, the BX-3
Mojave Pro Guide HD is a must-have addition to any pack.

The other item that impressed me is their new Leupold® D-EVO Scope:
Revolutionary solutions require original thinking. Leupold engineers have innovated again with the all new Dual-Enhanced View Optic (D-EVO™). A unique, innovative
design allows the 6x20mm D-EVO to be paired perfectly with the Leupold Carbine Optic (LCO™), or virtually any red dot sight from any manufacturer, to deliver a bold aiming point for reflexive shots and a magnified image for long-range precision with the mere movement of your eye. The exclusive Close Mid-Range Reticle with Wind Holds (CMR-W) allows users to successfully estimate range and engage targets with greater precision, speed, and flexibility and the hold-overs are compatible with 5.56/.223 and 7.62/.308 cartridges. The reticle features a 0.5 MOA dot surrounded by a 5 MOA circle, mil-based ranging features and windage hold points. The D-EVO utilizes minimal rail space, is waterproof to 66 feet, and is backed by the Leupold Gold Ring Lifetime Guarantee.
This is the first I've ever seen something like this. It's like having two scopes mounted at the same time so you'll have a 1x as well as a 6x rather than needing a 1-6x variable scope. Revolutionary product that I found to be way cool as well as practical.

We are also going to start carrying Redfield products. Once we are settled in the new store we will work closely together to bring into our inventory some Redfield products. I am very excited about expanding our offerings.

Off to Zeiss
I always enjoy visiting with the folks from Zeiss and today was no exception. We caught up on social things and family news and then got down to business. I once again managed to get an slamming opportunity on a great riflescope to offer to you.
We are blowing out their Zeiss Conquest HD5 2-10x42 - Rapid-Z 600 riflescope(522611-9981) for only $599.99, reduced from $949.99 or purchase it with a neoprene ScopeCoat for only $612.98.

New from Zeiss, which we announced a short time ago were coming, is their new ZEISS VICTORY SF 8x42 and 10x42 binoculars.
The widest field of view in its class means you’ll see a lot more of what nature has to offer. The eyepiece delivers extremely sharp focus all the way to the edges thanks to the integrated Comfort View Field Flattener lens. In addition, moderate magnification, balanced weight distribution and ergonomic grip make these binoculars a delight to hold for hours of relaxing viewing without fatigue. The close range of 5 ft allows for immersive, highly detailed images of animals in the wild. Exceptionally balanced weight distribution and advanced ergonomics with anti-slip profile provide outstanding
viewing stability and significantly reduce fatigue for hours
of comfortable observation, even at ten power. A light transmission of 92% and large exit pupil measuring over 5 mm ensures bright, brilliant images, even in low light situations.
These are very impressive. of course I could only look thru them inside of the convention center, but comparing them with other high quality Zeiss optics they were ultra impressive.

The existing Terra ED Binoculars have now been expanded to include 32mm objective 8x32 & 10x32 binoculars.
From Zeiss' press release:
Pack light. Hunt hard. Travel fast.
ZEISS and Under Armour teamed up to launch the new TERRA ED 8x32
and 10x32 binocular. The TERRA ED 8x32 and 10x32 are the ideal
companions for bow hunters and rifle hunters who demand quality optics and extreme mobility. With compact and lightweight design, rugged and waterproof construction, comfortable ergonomics and an exclusive Under Armour Bino Harness, featuring durable, thick hypalon attachments, solid metal hardware and adjustable elastic straps for complete comfort. Scramble rocks. Climb trees. Jump ditches. ZEISS TERRA has a wide field of view and bright and clear image, even in low light conditions.
Priced at $369.99 for the 8x32 and $399.99 for the 10x32 I think these will be a hot seller.

They also introduced the Terra ED 42 series (8x42 and 10x42) in a camo version. Personally I think this is just to sell binoculars to guys that buy them, put them down and then can't find them. Never understood camo binoculars, but I'm sure the powers that be at Zeiss researched this and decided it was a great idea so who am I to knock it?

An interesting edition to their product line is the new ZEISS TERRA XB75 Crossbow Scope.
The premium crossbow scope that hunts harder, longer.
The new ZEISS TERRA XB75 is the first premium scope to dedicate German engineering and performance to hardcore crossbow enthusiasts. . The XB75’s patented ballistic reticle provides numbered holdover lines that allow you to shoot at distances up to 75 yards in 2-1/2 yard increments. With a lightweight, rugged, compact 1“ design and MC anti-reflective coatings the XB75 allows you to squeeze every last minute of shootable light out of your hunting day.

They do not have a booth but I went and met with Charles from Zen-Ray
Once again we arranged for an exclusive on their ZEN-RAY - ZEN ED2 - 20-60x82mm Angled Spotter which we are offering for only $799.99, reduced from $1199.99. This is for sure a best buy in an angled riflescope. Take a look at this if you're in the market for a scope. Our delivery will arrive the 2nd week of February.

We also bought all their remaining inventory of Zen ED-3 8x43 & Zen ED-3 10x43 binoculars. The reason is he informed me that they will have an ED-4 series by Summer. The big improvement is more space in the hinge open space, which makes it more comfortable to rest 3 fingers in that area. Once they arrive I'll do a side by side (if we have any ED-3's left) and let you know if there's an optical improvement.

Their other announcement is they quietly revamped their ZRS HD 42mm binoculars for 2015. The new binocular is noticeably brighter thanks to the newer dielectric coating on the prism. For a full size 42mm binoculars, they definitely feel compact in my hands. Light weight design makes it ideal to pack along for a multi-day hunting.

My last meeting this year was with Nikon. We, as a Camera dealer, have been authorized Nikon dealers since we opened in 1957. As a camera dealer Nikon will not allow us to carry any item considered a "hunting/shooting" item. This means we cannot carry their riflescopes or non-golf rangefinders. Nikon camera division, which I understand to be 90% of the company, is not pro hunting and will not allow their cameras sold along side their hunting products which means we cannot carry them. Makes no sense to me but they did not ask my opinion.
Anyway, nothing new in Nikon binoculars or in their spotting scopes so I chatted with long time friends there and went on my way.

Being this was my last meeting you know by now where I went. Today was a two scoop cone. Choc. Chip and Coffee. So yummy.

If I can answer anything for you, as always, it will be my pleasure. For those of you who took the time to read this entire report please mention this to me when you place your next order and I'll add a bonus into your shipment. Nice to know that you're taking the time to read the whole thing when I take the time to write it, lol.

As always, thank you for all the support we receive. We are nothing without you, and we know that.
Have a great day


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i am in the market for a mini-red dot, so the vortex viper piqued my interest when i saw it featured in this video.
it seems to be similar to fastfire 2 (and others in its class), with regards to the battery being inserted from the bottom (requiring disassembly); and the reticle locking screws being located in the rear:

ironically they feature the device installed on an M&P with its rear site completely blocking the locking screws:

it seems odd to me that they would just now introduce a 2-3 year old design into their lineup.
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