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Since the dust skirts can't be reinstalled into the gun once they're popped out (at least not easily), I decided to Dremel them down to the point where they still offer some protection (by touching the sides of the mag) and can stay installed in the stock.

It wasn't too hard--the hardest part was splitting the stock in half. The flip-up bolt cover had to be twisted off, and there is a teeny little super-annoying catch in the center of the gun designed to prevent the disassembly catch from sliding all the way out of the gun. Also, there is a bunch of alignment pins that are held in only by friction.

Once the stock is split in half, just Dremel or sand the skirts till they are flush with the other bulkheads inside the magazine well. That's just enough that they touch the magazine, and you can confirm this before reassembly by sliding a magazine along the inside of the mag well.

Here's the benefit to all of this hassle: once the gun is reassembled, an empty magazine still won't drop free. However, it will easily be pushed free by the magazine's internal spring once the release is depressed. All that remains is to simply grasp the magazine and gently pull it free. It's not necessary to continue to press the mag release while pulling the magazine out.

This is useful for me mainly because of the Raddlock "bullet button" that was installed in my FS2000. Prior to Dremeling down the dust skirts, it took two hands to remove the magazine--one to press the bullet button and keep it depressed, and the other to pull the magazine free. Now, with the cut-down skirts, pressing the bullet button allows the magazine to pop itself downwards, free of the catch, which allows me to then use the same hand (left) to pull the magazine free afterwards.
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