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EAA SAR K2 Magazines

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Please excuse me.... I have not posted on forums. I did, however, read posts about the SAR K2 on this Forum, and it lead me to the purchase of a fine 45.... I would just like everyone to know that EAA's president has made an arbitrary decision to limit the shipment of magazines to 10rds to Colorado. Colorado state law allows a magazine capacity of 15rnds (that is a whole other topic). I am completely baffled by this...however I do support a company's right to limit/restrict sales to individuals, groups of individuals, states, or whom ever they wish.... I ordered 5 mags from their web site and it took an email from me inquiring about an expected ship date to find this out. I spoke to 3 different EAA employees ( they were all polite and congenial) to finally find out it was EAA's presidents' policy. just thought I'd let you all know.... For what it is worth----I was able to order mags from Delta 3 Outfitters. I spoke to Brian and he was very polite and helpful
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