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Early fs2000?

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So I beleive through research that the 1st run FS 2000's started with SN#5000? I have gun 57XX. It is new in box. Factory mag dated 06(bought new back then) that has been inserted a few times just for looks. Im thinking I want to sell it but am unsure of value. Is there even a market for these?(yes it has the early trigger pack)
I don't want to look like a dumb azz and ask to much but i do not want to give it away either. Any constructive thought would be appreciated. I looked on gunbroker($1850-$3100) I also have a Black SCAR 16s NIB same question. Im thinking $1800.oo on the 16S?

Thanks, DD
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New in box FS2000 with Gen 1 hammer pack goes for considerably more than $1800. There have been auctions on GB recently which have guns similar to what you describe with yours which have gone for a few bucks shy of $3k. That appears to be based purely on S/N range and didn't even have pics of the hammer pack to show it hadn't been swapped out. Don't let people talk you into selling it for under $2k as that's basically market price for a used FS2000 with a Gen 2 pack.

List it on GB for two weeks with lots of pictures and you will get what it's worth. Don't worry about setting a reserve or starting up high, start it at a dollar and you will get market price which is in the mid upper $2-3k range.
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