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Yup. I love this scope. The glass is crystal clear the reticle is dead on with 55 grain bullets. I have the 7.5 MOA delta point up top that is auto on when the rifle moves and shuts off after being still for 5 mins. If I bought this again I would have chosen the 3.5 MOA. It allows a little more periphery. Even with both eyes open I would prefer the smaller dot. The illuminated reticle is great for early morning or late evening coyotes. At first I thought it might be a bit tall but hasn't been an issue at all. Someday I am hoping to break it in on Texas bacon.
My HAMR comes with the 3.5-MOA Deltapoint and while I like the triangular reticule for the Deltapoint on a pistol, I am like you with the rifle and prefer the 3.55-MOA dot.

I think that I'm going to replace that Deltapoint with the Deltapoint Pro though.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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