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There have been multiple threads started on aspects of eForm filing for your NFA items. Some people seem a little confused and there are different expectations of what to expect. This thread has been started to try to put the relevant information in 1 thread to help others. This program just started in January of 2013 so it is new to most of us and even stores selling NFA items. Here is some of the information learned so far. Please add what you learn as we go.

  • The program and system is called eForms not eFile even though you are filing your forms electronically.
  • Private individuals cannot use the system, you need to be an entity like a FFL licensed business, a corporation or have a trust.
  • Below I have listed a link to a help page to file out the forms.
  • You will start by registering with the site.
  • Once registered there is an online help link in the eForms site that you can submit any questions about how to fill out the forms and they will Email the answer back to you.
  • The site has problems if you are using some types of browsers. I could not use Internet Exporer 10 but was able to use Firefox.
  • As you are filling out the forms you can stop and save your work if you need to complete at a later time.
  • You will need to scan, attach and submit in a PDF format any paperwork required by the ATF with your forms.
  • You will submit payment using a Credit Card.
Everything is fairly straight forward and after you go through the process once the next time around should be very quick and easy as you are now experienced, registered and have the majority of the required documents in PDF format already. We still haven't determined if you can track the status of a submission online. Each new submission will just need the documents that require original signatures to be scanned and converted to PDF. While I have been referring to documents as PDF the site lists several other formats to submit.
We have seen many people claim that the eForm system is a much faster way to submit and be approved. After the learning curve for submission it is obviously a quicker way to submit. The site itself claims that it is a quicker way to complete the entire process. Some of us have even read claims of some Forms 1 & 4 being approved in as little as 3 months. While I don't doubt that I haven't seen that become the rule yet and it could be a single exception. Currently several of us have forms submitted using paper forms and eForms and over the next few months we will get a much better idea of the timing of each. Because eForms is less than 1 year old it hasn't yet reached the volume of submissions that it will as more entities convert over to it so things may still slow down a bit. Currently items using the old system with paper forms are running about 1 year so anything will be an improvement.
Sumbit your results, add new information and ask questions here and maybe we can all help each other to get better and quicker at getting our NFA items approved.1
1. http://impexp.s3.amazonaws.com/2013/02_eForms 2013.pdf 2. https://www.atfonline.gov/EForms/faces/userProfile/login.jspx?_afrWindowMode=0&_afrLoop=34821164925466&_adf.ctrl-state=197io2yuwt_39
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