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You can get the standard 4x for $1499 from Opticplanet. 1-4x is still in the $1700 range new.

Great review. I was leaning towards this and weight is an issue with me on some of my rifles and opted for the MARS reflex which is another hard to find red dot/laser optic and they cost almost as much as the 4x ELCAN.
Its hard to beat the Trijicon Acog for medium range shooting though. Maybe one day I will head up your way to check it out. :shock:

I also heard of other issues...

"Be aware - they still suffer from zero shift issues going from 1-4 -- not intially but the parts seem to wear in.
The mount is still the wear part - and will not suffer hard abuse for long.

The glass is awesome - but considering you need to use the Dr. Optic on the top for your 1x use -- your likley better with the TA31DOC from ACOG - as while the glass is not as good - the mount is solid, you can use a Larue mount as well, and the you dont have all the wonky ELCRAP mount problems..."
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