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End of days

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I frequently talk to people about what shot be in their bug out gear, and the list of items (guns&ammo, food, water, etc..) that you'd want if civilization broke down (end of days) eather due to natural or manmade disasters. I'm always amazed that in their medical kit that they do not list any antibiotics. After a disaster the one thing that will most likely kill you is an infection of some sort. Although emergency medical supplies are important. The three antibiotics that come to mind for me personnaly are probably Zithromax, Cipro, and Levaquin. Just a thought.

PS: Don't forget Lot's and Lot's of ammo to protect the antibiotics.
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My 2 cents.....

Finally I found a subject I would like to put in my worthless two cents in. Just wished I had more kybd time. I will keep an eye on this thread in the future.

ick- the vid was hilarious!!!!
Devildoc- I wouldn't be surprise if we start up a PM
Iraq Ninja- you are the "MAN"

My view is similar to Dalieo, I also believe that no matter how prepared you are we don't know the future and even simple luck (good or bad) can play a major role in a persons survival. This being said-

Here is my "PLA"...plan of action...

IEAR (identify, egress (escape and evade) alternate relocation)

Recently a major storm hit my town- my wife and I were in the theater watching "The Kingdom" building started to shake, suddenly the lights went out. Car alarms were going off, then sirens could be heard...in the theater there were the typical "sleeping sheep" starting to panic. I was the only one in our entire 300 plus person theater to have a light, not one but two. Turned out that a massive hail storm nocked out the power to the side of town I live on and caused all the car alarms to go off, sirens where from the car accidents.

My point is..have some essential gear on you at all times..

I always carry on me were possible-
HK USP Compact .40 & 3 add. mags as my CCH
Two lights- Surefire E1E and Streamlight Key Mate
Leatherman or Gerber tool- lately I have been carrying the Micra- all this S**T starts to pull your pants down
CRKT M16-12 folding blade
spare rechargeable CR123
Space pen
True Utility jet lighter..I don't smoke- just a pyro.

Most Americans are at least 80% of the time where their vehicle is- be it home, work, shopping, etc.

So I focused on my and my wife’s vehicle- in a serious emergency, pandemic outbreak, natural disaster, etc you may not have the time to get to your BOG -so I figured to make my vehicle the 1st point of action.

4 wheel drive is a must- got rid of our cars and got the best and least stolen SUV's.
In my vehicle- you name it, I either have it or I am planning to get it...main issue with acquiring all the survival gear is storage space and $$$$$$$$ as with all things.
Get to your car- get to your gear. Be willing to dump your car (believe me this would be hard for me to do since I love my ride) if you have too. Most, but not all the gear should be transportable. You may have to hump it if and when the streets will be jammed packed.

All my very close friends and family know this of me...#1 spot is the vehicle- I have duplicate gear at home incase I can't get to my vehicle.

Note: I had serious discussions by friends of friends who say "they were worried of me" Sine 911 and Katrina happened, they now ask me for advice. My wife said that this was the dark secret I was keeping from here while we were dating/engaged...she had thought I was in the CIA or some military org...hahah. I get told all the time "I am coming to your house when the **** hits the fan" I say 'Unfortunately you won't unless you are prepared yourself"


Well this is where it gets real fun , only thing stopping you is your sanity and cash flow. - the later is my issue, I am already paranoid.
Don't waste your time trying to get to a grocery store, gas station or sport shop or what ever..better have all you need at home..get yourself and family- get home and fast. The idea of raiding a store for food or etc. will only leave you with lost time, frantic, and maybe injured if not killed.

Don't get me wrong- I have visualized myself and my fam/friends taking over a Walmart (it has everything), but this would be like a reverse "Alamo" because where I live. Plus the logistics to do this is incomprehensible.

I don't have stocks or massive amounts of funds in the bank..I do have tons of gear and the will and attitude to survive.
I have amassed what some family think is sure craziness in survival gear
from water purification, gas/solar/wind generators, food, tools, communication devices, lights, clothing, **WEAPONS/AMM0/GEAR***{my favorite}, sanitary items and mechanisms, cooking gear, etc. the list goes on. Yes, I have added medication but not including antibiotics....I will now though. I live on the border of Mexico and I know allot of Doc's in the US.

Here is a story about a clueless coworker:
I work full time for a local business that is a fortune 500 company. I do the bullet thing on the side for extra funds. My coworker who sits next to me is the owners/CEO's only son!!! He and his family are worth hundreds of millions. No lie. They have the biggest homes in the city- one the largest belonging to the father is being built at the moment..almost done actually. My coworker listens in on me all the time- he is for all practical purpose a mixture of a real life "Beaves" from Beaves and Butt Head and Milton from 'Office Space". He has the looks, personality, brains, etc of Beaves and the quirks of the Milton character. Anyhow, he starts rattling on how I am wasting my time and money, etc. I turn and ask him "So were where you and what did you do when the power went out a few days ago?" He looked at me and didn't answer, but his expression told me what I wanted to hear. He still hasn't told me, but now he keeps to himself regarding his opinion of what I am doing. Needless to say I find him listening more intensely when I am talking with my other coworkers about EOD and SHTF.

Back to the subject-
BUT more importantly than having these items is "keeping" them and in safe and working condition. This parts gets even more tricky...now you need to figure out what and how to store these for use for which EOD will come. Once again, there is no way one can be prepare for all of them. I can't hope to believe that my "in progress" below ground bunker will hold out for me and family for monthsssss in an event of a NBC attack. It will last a tornado and for sure kept out the zombies!!


This is where we put our hopes to travel too and begin again after SHTF and your home is lost.

All I can say is-
no more than 400 miles away.
travel with others..family, friends(if they had heeded your advice and are alive and well) ..an armed well organized supplied group is more secure and successful than you.
place of no population and basic environment to sustain yourself and group.
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