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EOTech 512F

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My EOTech 512F is on the way, bought on e-bay $377 shipped. Going to show today will look at cases and slings, leaning toward Urban E.R.T sling. Got 6 50rd mags on the way , gunbroker $330 including shipping. Sold 3 Mint S&W Model 19 to finance this project, it is never ending! It's great :D
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Turbozag said:
Not to rub salt in the wound so to speak,, but at Buds we are selling the Eotech 512 Rev F AA battery models for $325 plus $9 shipping! Just checked it's $338.93 + $16.00 + 3% credit card=$365.57, No Problem it's only money I can always make more!! :-D

Having said that, you will love that set-up! Thanks :D

I'm probably going to yank the factory sight off mine and put an Eotech on it.
Hey Turbozag I did just buy 2 S&W Sigma 9mm for $309 each,out the door ,from Buds thats everything, shipping transfer and callin. Great prices, I should have checked Buds for the EOtech also. Thanks No cases or slings at the show I liked, will order from Urban-E.R.T and CMMG inc. Thanks Frank
EOTech is here and mounted, Sweet product, sling and case should arrive this week, range on Sunday. Will post pictures soon... Frank
Hey Ship, it is the Urban ERT package they sell, quality and service was excellent. Thanks Frank
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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