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EOTech 512F

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My EOTech 512F is on the way, bought on e-bay $377 shipped. Going to show today will look at cases and slings, leaning toward Urban E.R.T sling. Got 6 50rd mags on the way , gunbroker $330 including shipping. Sold 3 Mint S&W Model 19 to finance this project, it is never ending! It's great :D
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Does anyone have pictures of their PS90 triple rail with Eotech 512 and Streamlight TLR-1 tactical light on the side rail? I just ordered Eotech 512 from Bud and I have the TLR-1 light on the side rail and don't know if the Eotech fit with the TLR-1. It looks pretty close. Thanks.
I'm assuming that this extended side rails from magazine parts stick out more from the gun so it will clear the wide eotech 512 and any tactical flashlight. I will order one and try it out. If it works, I will let ya'll know.

U may have to buy the extension rails from Magazine parts. It seems that on the triple rail - when U mount an eotech, it is a tight fit for use of the side rails. If U buy a standard PS90 and put your own top and side rails on it, then this isn't a problem.

People have speculated that the Magazine Parts extended side rails for the triple rail PS90 should solve this problem - but I have yet to see anyone try it for sure and post the outcome.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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