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EOTech 512F

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My EOTech 512F is on the way, bought on e-bay $377 shipped. Going to show today will look at cases and slings, leaning toward Urban E.R.T sling. Got 6 50rd mags on the way , gunbroker $330 including shipping. Sold 3 Mint S&W Model 19 to finance this project, it is never ending! It's great :D
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Yea, the gun EATS money - over time, I got 9 mags. That's enough to buy another gun. With all the stuff, I have spent a fortune on this gun. I also have 2100 extra rounds of ammo stashed. 5-10 years from now, I don't want to have a gun w/ no bullets. So, I cycle thru it and buy more to replace what I shoot - so I always have the same amount on hand
Turbozag said:
Not to rub salt in the wound so to speak,, but at Buds we are selling the Eotech 512 Rev F AA battery models for $325 plus $9 shipping!

Having said that, you will love that set-up!

I'm probably going to yank the factory sight off mine and put an Eotech on it.
Yes, the EOtech is really sweet
lawnman380 said:
Hey Ship, it is the Urban ERT package they sell, quality and service was excellent. Thanks Frank
I thought it was, with the way it attaches to the receiver.

I love mine.
seattlite said:
I'll have the exact same setup when my 512 arrives.

I'm planning on adding a TLR-2 but it doesn't seem like it will fit due to the width of the 512. Will the Magazineparts extended side rails for the PS90TR allow me to attach the TLR-2 along with the 512? Are there any other options?
With the Triple Rail version - I think that is pretty much your only option.
U may have to buy the extension rails from Magazine parts. It seems that on the triple rail - when U mount an eotech, it is a tight fit for use of the side rails. If U buy a standard PS90 and put your own top and side rails on it, then this isn't a problem.

People have speculated that the Magazine Parts extended side rails for the triple rail PS90 should solve this problem - but I have yet to see anyone try it for sure and post the outcome.
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