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Eotech XPS vs ACOG

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I found a sale in which I purchased an Eotech XPS2-0 for 25% off. I'd like to try it on my PS90.

I've not seen the Damage Industries mount: P90 & PS90 Optic Rail | Damage Industries Is this the best mount (lowest, sturdy, stable, etc) for an Eotech? It looks like the TROS mounts are for Aimpoint's or ACOG's. I've emailed them but haven't heard back yet.

I also have a TA47R-2 ACOG - Trijicon, Inc. mounted on my Sig 556R that I could use on the PS90. I'm concerned with the 2x magnification since the gun will be used for home defense, short range shooting. Thoughts?

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I would stick with the eotech if it was me. The ps90 is not a long range platform. you will need a rail system(fn ,mpf, damage inds) for a mount
That set up is begging for an aimpoint micro. I love my eotechs but will only buy the exps series with the riser and locking mount. The thumb screw on the xps can work its way loose and effect your point of impact. Recoil on the ps90 is minimal but I would still stick with the exps
I would also say aimpoint t1/h1. Best out there. Many have gone from eotech to aimpoint, few the opposite.
I considered the H1, and may still go that route, but the problem for me with Aimpoint's is because of my eyes, the dot isn't round, but an irregular blob. The hologram on an Eotech doesn't distort.
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