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Good day!

I posted how I mounted my tactical light on the SCAR in this POST.

Today, in the quest to improve ergonomics, I purchased, from my LGS, an offset light mount from Haley Strategic Partners.

My original tactical light mounted on the rifle at the 9 o' clock position didn't really satisfy me. The main issue was that my support hand's thumb didn't have much resting area (thumbs forward) and when my hand was in a u-clamp configuration with respect to the Magpul AFG2, I had to use the first knuckle of my thumb to actuate the pommel button of the flashlight.

There were moments when not enough pressure from the knuckle would cause the light not to engage.

Enter the HSP Thorntail Offset Rail.

This allows two things:
1. Frees-up the 9 o' clock rail for better grip of my support hand (either u-clamp or c-clamp).
2. Positions the light so that I can activate it with the pad of my thumb as opposed to the knuckle of my thumb.

I mounted the rail on the 12 o' clock position and this puts the light higher (without interfering with the front sight) and more forward compared to mounting it in the 9 o' clock position.

What came in the package:


Mounted at 12 o' clock:

View from the front with front sight raised:

Top view showing distance between front sight and where it's mounted on the rail:

View from the side:

Video of light activation:

If you have any questions, comments, or clarifications, please let me know.


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