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WEST BEND, Wis. (AP) - A former restaurant cook has pleaded guilty to a food-tampering charge alleging he inserted hairs in a steak before giving it to a dissatisfied customer. Ryan Kropp, 24, of West Bend, was fired along with another cook after the incident Feb. 23 at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

Kropp was charged in Washington County Circuit Court with a felony of placing foreign objects in edibles, carrying up to 3 1/2 years in prison.

After his guilty plea Thursday, Judge James Muehlbauer scheduled sentencing Aug. 12.

The criminal complaint said that when a manager asked a customer how his steak was, the customer said it was somewhat overdone, although he had almost finished eating it and refused an offer of a new steak.

But the manager insisted on having Kropp prepare a new steak the way the customer wanted it, medium rare, so that he could take it home.

The customer called the restaurant and police after finding hair as he was eating the steak the next day.

According to the complaint, a second kitchen worker told police Kropp had put a slit in the cooked steak and pushed something inside, then stated, ``These are my pubes,'' referring to pubic hair.

Kropp told police he put a few of his facial hairs on the steak, saying he was angry the customer sent the other steak back and thought he was ``just trying to get free stuff,'' the complaint said.

A phone number for Kropp had been disconnected when The Associated Press tried to reach him for comment Thursday night.

Information from: Daily News, http://www.dailynewsol.com/

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I currently work in a restaurant. Cooks are usually pissed off to begin with, let alone if you tell them to fix their mistake or just ask them to do more than they have to.

No offense to any cooks. Thats also the first time I have ever heard of that law before.

"3 1/2 years in prison"

If I'm remembering correctly, that more than those gun shop owners are getting for illegally selling hundreds of guns in an earlier thread.

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Food born illness and disease are much more deadly than firearms, even in war. Thats a FACT. He could have just given that guy AIDS or Hepititis. Who knows, he might have given him AIDS, it might not show up for 3 years or more.

If a drug manufacture we to put human poo in your meds, would you say that it was no big thing? Or how about the water company pissing in your drinking water?

3 years, he got off lite.

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sung to the tune of: I've been here and there, as done by Maclean And Maclean

I've Seen Pubic Hair

I was havin’ me a burger
In a dirty greasy spoon café
I was eatin it with relish
When a man beside me turned to say
What’s that pubic hair
Doin layin on your bun
I said I never saw it sittin there
Are sure it’s really one
He stood up on the counter
And said now look here Blair
I’ve traveled all over this country
And I’ve seen pubic hair

I’ve seen pubic hair man
And I’ve never liked’em there man
I’ve even got my share man
Beneath my underwear man
Stickin out here and there man
I’ve seen pubic hair

I’ve seen great ones, straight ones, on my dinner plate ones,
Long ones, strong ones, little curly blonde ones
Red ones, dead ones, layin on the head ones
Black ones, brown ones, little ducky down ones
Short ones, thick ones, growin from your dick ones,
Growin ones, showin ones, flowin ones, blowin ones.


I’ve seen bushy ones, pushy ones, up against your mushy ones,
Slave ones, save ones, floatin in your gravy ones,
Pretty ones, dirty ones, fluffin up your birdy ones,
Neat ones, sweet ones, on a toilet seat ones,
Heffer ones, whipper ones, catch’em in your zipper ones,
Throw’em ones, show’em ones, flowin ones, glowin ones.


I’ve seen bit ones, lit ones, around your sphincter lip ones,
Dear ones, queer ones, find’em in your beer ones,
Proud ones, loud ones, drop’em in the crowd ones,
Quiet ones, diet ones, burger, shake and fry ones,
Pop ones, quaff ones, floatin in the top ones,
Triple ones, frozen ones, shardin in the hoser ones.


Ain’t no kind he hasn’t seen
I’ve seen Pubic hair

It was an underground hit in Canada about 25 years ago

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lol....thats gross.... :roll:
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