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Parting ways with my fantastic 3.5 power Trijicon ACOG (TA11E) with the red chevron and bullet drops for .308 / 7.62x51 that I currently have on top of my SCAR-17. I'm looking to change to a variable-power optic and looking to find a home for this spotless ACOG as soon as possible. The ACOG is mounted with a very high quality Larue Tactical QD.

I've outfitted the ACOG on the top with a dual-illuminated (fiber optic + tritium) RMR with the amber triangle reticle (RM08A).

I chose this combo to negate the need for batteries while also providing reticle illumination in the dark - it's a great combo that allows you to quickly transition between close and far targets quickly.

I'm currently travelling with work, but will be uploading more photos when I arrive home.

Current retail prices (Brownells and OpticsPlanet):
TA11E - $1324
RM08A - $490
RM35 - $88

TA11E Only - $1175
RM08A Only - $425
RM35 Only - $60
RM08A/RM35 - $460
Whole Package - $1600

As usual, fair offers will be entertained. I'm not looking for much in the way of trades though.

Sales feedback available at forum.pafoa.org - link upon request.

As seen here:
TA11E ACOG - Trijicon, Inc.
acog2.jpg acog3.jpg
acog.jpg rmr.jpg RM35.jpg

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