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(early) congrats on the C&R!

your license will get you discounts lots of places, tho i can't think of too many ways to save on FAL stuff right off hand.

there are a very few C&R eligible FAL if you have deep pockets.

FN F.A.L. G and GL series, semiautomatic rifles, imported by Browning Arms Company, Arnold, MO from 1959 to 1963, with the following S/Ns: G Series: G492, G493, G494, G537-G540, G649-G657, G662-G673, G677-G693, G709-G748, G752-G816, G848-G1017, G1021, G1033, G1035, G1041, G1042, G1174-G1293, G1415-G1524, G1570-Gl784, G1800-Gl979, G1981-G1995, G2247-G2996, G3035-G3134. GL Series: GL749, GL835, GL1095-GL1098, GL1163,GL1164, GL1165, GL2004-GL2009, GL3135-GL3140.
Canadian, EX1 and EX2 experimental series of the FN FAL in cal. 7.62mm NATO, as mfd. By Fabrique Nationale, Herstal, Belgium, for the Canadian Government

maybe some T48s? good luck!
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