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Family: Shooting Victim Set Up
By Stephanie Segretto/WLKY

POSTED: 5:15 pm EDT October 27, 2008

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A home invasion ended with the intruder shot and killed after the homeowner said it was kill or be killed Sunday morning in the Pleasure Ridge Park area.

Shooter Joseph McCoy is not facing charges because police said it appears he fired in self-defense. But the victim's family has another opinion about what happened.

"I kind of panicked," said McCoy. "It was obvious he was trying to kill us. So I did what I had to do to protect me and my family."

It was early Sunday morning when Joseph McCoy says he woke up to the sound of gunshots.

McCoy said once the intruder was inside, he fired off a round of bullets that sprayed through the home, hitting the walls and the ceiling. Then, McCoy said, the intruder, Charles Lanham Sr., left to reload his gun.

"I ran and got my fiancée's daughter's gun and loaded it and the guy came through the door shooting, so I shot him," McCoy said.

Lanham was pronounced dead at the scene. McCoy said he killed him in self-defense.

But Lanham's family said there's another story that Lanham didn't live to tell.

"I know he wouldn't have gone up there to start trouble," said niece Joanna Williams. "The only reason he went up there was to get his stuff. He has two little girls at home waiting on him. Now their daddy's dead."

Williams said he was only going to his ex-girlfriend's home to pick up his things, and what happened next was all a set up.

"Charlie went over there. He was planning to get his stuff and there was gun, the gun that was used, was his, was in the stuff at her house," she said.

Now Lanham's family feels there is only one thing that should happen.

"I think both of them need to go to jail. I don't care if she did it or he did it," she said. "They both need to go up there."

Police said when their investigation is complete, they will turn it over to the commonwealth's attorney's office to determine if McCoy will face any charges.


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This will be an interesting one to watch...
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