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The FBI is looking for a convicted felon and registered sex offender named Kevin Anthony Briggs who may be traveling through the Pacific Northwest, and they want this guy bad, contacting this column and other local media including the Seattle P-I.com, which also has the alert.

One look at his record explains why. In a media-wide e-mail from the FBI’s Ayn S. Dietrich in Seattle that came to this column as well, Briggs is described as “28 years old, 5-feet-5-inches to 5-feet-7-inches tall and about 120 to 150 pounds.”
“He is white and has brown hair and hazel eyes,” the message continued, “though he is known to try to change his appearance by growing out his hair and beard and dying his hair black.”

In a subsequent exchange of e-mails, Dietrich supplied this column with the accompanying image and cautioned that he is considered armed and dangerous.
“Authorities believe Briggs purchased a one-way bus ticket to Spokane on Feb. 1, from Missoula, Mont.,” she wrote. “Information developed during the investigation suggests he could travel through Washington state or to Oregon, California, and/or Mexico.”

According to the FBI, Briggs was arrested Feb. 1 after a Bozeman woman called police to report that he attacked and tried to strangle her. Police found Briggs, who resisted arrest and hit one cop in the face. When he was being transferred to jail, he escaped and subsequently bought the Spokane bus ticket.

Dietrich’s e-mail said, “Briggs is wanted for state charges of aggravated assault, attempted sexual intercourse without consent, assault on a peace officer, and escape.”

Additional information: Briggs has a sunburst tattoo around his right nipple, according to an FBI wanted poster. There’s a tattoo in his armpit and on his lower lip. He also has piercing on his belly button and his ears.

He could be staying in homeless shelters while earning travel money, the FBI said. He has worked previously in a hotel and as a laborer for a landscaping company.
It wasn’t explained by the FBI how Briggs might be armed, but he’s had two weeks to get his hands on a weapon of some sort. Where he may be holed up — if he is — is anyone’s guess.

FBI wants this guy, asks Examiner?s help - Seattle gun rights | Examiner.com

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They're looking for a young Andy Kaufman? :evil:.....................:lol:
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