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FFL made me pull the trigger…

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I picked up an MRD unexpectedly. Got the fde cuz that’s what they had and got a deal on it. Walked out after 5mins. Of course waiting for a black one to come in from riflegear took forever until I got home.

I get the notification it’s back in stock…anyways, I know there aren’t much for holsters out there and this kinda isn’t a holster for what everyone is looking for but it works for me…from voodoo tactical- paid $6 on clearance awhile back. Fits like a glove.

Grey Wood Font Road surface Tints and shades

Wood Font Pattern Soil Metal

Sleeve Wood Rectangle Font Pattern

Won’t fit with light/optics but is easily cut to function with an optic. You’ll lose the extra magazine though.
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I got the black version off GB, had it in my hands after two day from purchase.
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