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I carry a 220 on a regular basis and a G 21 I am a big guy but these guns don't get in the way for me. Now due to the lack of current holsters I might suggest a shoulder rig if that's possible or a cross draw. Yeah I know there are not many holsters yet available. But There is a shoulder holster that I use for the G 21 and HK USP that should work very nicely with the FNP 45.
Here is a picture of it. It's $89.95. and made by a company just west of me here in St. Louis.

For guns the size of those I described use Size #8 They also make some great cases and various other things. These are good people who stand behind the products they sell. I would give this a look.

Have a nice Turkey Day.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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