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Hello all,

I remember a few years back I stumbled upon IMO, the best looking SCAR's I'd ever seen. They were done by a user named "Kalmar" ...being that he's a banned user, I don't think I'll be getting any advice from him anytime soon. So, with the wealth of knowledge here at FNForum, maybe someone can point me towards a "how-to" on painting a Scar similarly to those mentioned. I know the general idea, but I've yet to perfect the camo pattern as he did, and I'm certainly not going to use the Scar as the place to do so. Any tips, tricks and general guidance would be awesome! Thanks.
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He used a "screen material" to create that pattern, and rattle cans.
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Try searching "snakeskin camouflage" on youtube and you will get a bunch of how-to videos. The results look similar to kalmar's scars. Seems like that pattern is particularly popular with the airsoft crowd.
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